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Jan 2016 - 44Teeth
"Shimmy & DR Moto"
Nov 2015 - Fast Bikes
"one hell of a stunning swingarm"
Jul 2015 - Bike Middle East
"DR Moto boasts the best of everything"
Apr 2015 - The Man Shed
"I know I must ride it one day"
Apr 2015 - WNT News
"Working to make a dream come true"
Jan 2015 - Motorcycle News
"it's the closest you're ever likely to get to lining up next to Rossi & Marquez"
Sep 2014 - Performance Bikes
"their DR Moto R1 is the closest thing to an off-the-shelf GP bike you can buy"
Aug 2014 - Asphalt & Rubber
"extra race-bike only features that you don’t see on street-going machines"
Aug 2014 - Supercompressor
"It’s one of (if not the) most serious high performance bikes you can buy"
Aug 2014 - Autoevolution
"a MotoGP-class bike
you can actually get"
Jun 2014 - Fast Bike
"155.962 CNC-Zeilen
nur für ein kleines bauteil"
May 2014 - Motorcycle News
"without doubt the last word in
trackday excess"
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